October 2019

Church Doors

During the past month new doors have been installed at Church of the Holy Communion.

Most noticeable are the freshly painted red doors at the front entrance to the church.

The doors are a gift from Mark and Mary Davis in Memory of Bill and Sis Pell. Mark and Bill are cousins and were youth together growing up in the church. The Pells and Davises continued to be life-time friends.

Craftsmanship and care are evident in the structure of the doors. The construction and installation of the doors were under the direction of Henry Endres of Del’s Construction in LeSueur secured by Mark Davis. Jake Shaeffer of LeSueur built the doors. Phillip Schroeder of Del’s Constuction did the demolition and later installed the doors and hardware. Mel Hage from Reichel Painting in Mankato did the painting and finishing work.

Accoya wood was used to build the doors. This wood is described as a “solid wood that is sourced from sustainable forests” and was selected for its dimensional stability and durability. Sherwin Williams Emerald Acrylic Latex paint was used based on its extreme resistance to blistering, peeling, chalking, and fading.

The doors were painted red as has become an Episcopal tradition.

Del’s construction workers also cleaned the Dodd grave stone at the back of the church.

All of the letters are now readable.

We are most grateful for the wonderful and generous gift from Mark and Mary Davis. Throughout his adult life, Mark has continued to remember the church where he grew up.

Marilyn Rundel