Bev Gustafson Retires as Secretary and Communicator Editor

On Sunday June 16 we held a special coffee hour to mark the retirement of Beverly Gustafson as Secretary and Communicator editor. Bev took care of many things behind the scenes that helped the parish run smoothly. She picked up and sorted the mail, saving me from dealing with junk mail. She took the vestry minutes and sent them out in time for us to review before the next meeting. (A rare thing in a volunteer organization.) Bev also arranged the main bulletin board so that it always looked neat, tidy, and good. (Equally rare.) By far her hardest job was getting the schedule of servers filled and all the articles in so that she could lay out and print the Communicator.

Of particular value to me was Bev's skill as an editor. She proof read the bulletins, took them to the print shop, picked up the printed copies and delivered them to church. While preparing the Communicator Bev read and edited my articles, caught my typos, and corrected my grammar. On rare occasions she declared an article to be incomprehensible and sent it back for a rewrite.

Thank you Bev, for your many years of faithful service at Church of the Holy Communion.

by Fr. Tom

Our Bev is Retiring

All Sing:

Our Bev is retiring.

She’s leaving her post.

The vestry will miss her

Taking minutes the most.

She’s put down her markers,

Erasers and pens.

Turned off her computer,

And whispered, “Amen!”

No more intercessions!

Now Barb will do that.

And Eric the schedules,

Like a true diplomat.

Though Bev is retiring,

She still will be here,

Doing the bulletin board

With her signature cheer.

Yes, Bev is retiring.

She’s leaving her post.

We wish her the best now

First and foremost.

(All keep humming tune of On Top of Old Smoky)

Senior Warden:

And so, Bev, as you are

Leisurely getting ready for

Church on Sunday mornings,

Think about the rest of us here

Dashing around, trying our best

To do all that you did,

And coming up short.

And just remember, Bev

All Sing:

Happy trails to you

You simply are the BEST!

Happy trails to you

We truly have been blessed.

Happy trails to you,

On your days of rest.

* Composed in honor of Beverly Gustafson’s retirement as Secretary of Church of the Holy Communion and sung to the tune of On Top of Old Smoky.