February 2019

Parish Nurse's Letter

Dear Members and Friends of the Church of the Holy Communion,

This is the month to celebrate Love, for others and for self. Valentines are a great way to let your friends and family know how much you appreciate them. Of course, we need not be limited to Valentines’ Day, or birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries. Nor should we be limited to showing love only to others. We need to love ourselves as well. Helping yourself stay healthy is one way to do this.

The American Lung Association has suggestions for achieving this goal and has programs in your area which you can find by going to their website at Lung.org or by calling 1-800-LUNGUSA. Following are Ways to Help Yourself Stay Healthy

1. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle. Regular check-ups, exercise, good nutrition, and plenty of sleep (good for lungs, mood, and overall health).

2. Quit Smoking. The American Lung Association’s 35-year-old program, Freedom from Smoking (Lung.org/ffs), is rated one of the best.

3. Avoid lung health Hazards. Don’t allow smoking in your home. Avoid sources of second-hand smoke. Use protection if working around hazardous chemicals. Avoid exercising outdoors on bad air days.

4. Test your home for Radon. This colorless, odorless gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer and can be easily tested for in your home, and controlled. Visit (Lung.org/radon).

5. Recognize the warning signs of lung disease. Frequent cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing, excessive phlegm or blood when coughing and chronic fatigue.

6. Work with your doctor to properly manage lung disease. Follow your treatment plan and keep symptoms under control.

7. Stay up to date on your vaccinations. Get your annual flu shot and pneumococcal pneumonia vaccinations when appropriate (after age 50.)

8. If you are at high-risk for lung cancer, talk to your doctor about screening. Early stage detection = easier to treat.

9. Protect your family and community. Model a smoke-free life.

10. Get involved in the American Lung Association.

With love and care, Judy Gardner, Parish Nurse