September 2019

While Fr. Tom is enjoying the turquoise waters we would like to give you some updates about his trip (the source for the posts and photos is Fr.Tom's personal Facebook page, published here under Fr.Tom's permission).

Fr. Tom sends greetings from Lake Superior...

August 8: "Had a glorious day! Ontonogan to Houghton. Wind 15 to twenty mph from 30 degrees off the stern. Waves 2-4, maybe 3-5 ft. Made 6 knots with only the triple reefed mainsail."

August 13: "Crossing from Keweenaw to Isle Royal."

August 14: "Docked in Tobin Bay for the night. Anchored further down the bay last night. I hiked up to Lookout Louise this morning, did routine maintenance this afternoon.

While Fr. Tom is enjoying the beautiful scenery Fr. Tom faced some storms, but fortunately he was in Thunder Bay"

August 16: "Currently sitting in Thunder Bay, having cleared customs and bought a few fresh vegetables, waiting for a big thunderstorm to pass by before I head out to Sawyer Bay for the night."

August 18: About 1000 feet above the lake , this is the view from the top of the sleeping giant. There's a bay under there somewhere, I know there is.

August 24: the water in this bay is turquoise.

August 24: Back at porphyry light for the night.

August 25: The view at Porphyry island light

August 26: Went from Porphyry island to tee harbor yesterday. Then hiked the top of the gorge trail to another high point on the sleeping giant. I forgot my phone, so no pictures, which is to bad because there were several fantastic views.

Today I'm heading to the Susie islands and tomorrow on to grand marais.

August 26: Or maybe, since the wind is predicted to be against me, just as far as the safe harbor northeast of there.

August 27: Laying over in the Susie islands today. Wave heights of 5-7 and occasionally 9 feet are predicted. I can't tell from here. But it sounds like they could be big, and I see a lot of white down where the shore is open to the lake.

August 30: Had a wild ride to Grand Marais Wednesday. Waves 3 to 5 with some 6 and 7 I think. Mostly the wind was just around 10 to 15, but the gusts were 30 to 35. The wind was right on my nose and 35 is a lot of wind, so I just motored. The boat did just fine: kept a steady 5 knots with only a few hundred more RPMs than usual. Laid over yesterday. Crossing to the apostle islands today. The waves are supposed to be back down to 1 to 3 feet. I hope there is some wind.