Our Mighty Group

Joint Youth Group with St. John's Episcopal

The young people of our churches join together to form a youth group.

We meet the second and fourth Sundays of every month during the school year.

OMG youth collection for REACH

We would love to have you join us for great fun and fellowship. If you’re interested give Richard Tostenson a call at 507-246-9408.

OMG Youth Collect Toiletries f or REACH

Group Plays Suspend

Toilet Paper Collection

The OMG youth group collected toilet paper for the transitional housing shelter, over the last six weeks. It was both fun, and a good thing to do. The Shelter really appreciated receiving it.

With terrific support from our congregations (Holy Communion and St. John's) we gathered an amazing:

2,249 rolls (counting double rolls as 2), or about 1,124 actual individual rolls!!

That's roughly 120,000 cubic inches, or a cube 4 feet on each side

Here are some pictures of our gathering at St. John's prior to dropping it off.

It makes good building blocks.